The institute provides services aimed at becoming an unparalleled-quality alternative for companies and public entities. Both services have been designed following high standards and with methodologies based on international best practices.

Research and analysis are IFCOM´s key components. By processing reliable data as well as relevant and evidence based information, the institute provides valuable input for decision makers in those interested areas, considering different positions and impact. IFCOM approach is based on comprehensive and realistic problems knowledge, feasible solutions and rigorous results measurements.

The Institute designs and implements training programs via workshops and seminars in their areas of expertise with cutting-edge content and methodologies, in order to enable the participants to develop and enhance a skill set of specific knowledge of trade facilitation framework, and negotiation along with strategies and key concepts in the political, social and legal environment of foreign markets.

We evaluate and deliver solutions to fix inefficiencies in international trade transactions, adding value to the decisions of the actors that participate across the international supply chain: importers, exporters, logistics operators, as well as public agencies. Our approach is based on evidence and multidisciplinary insight, considering the impact of Information Technology to trade. We address new challenges in regulating the facilitation of international trade in all matters embraced in the Trade Facilitation Agreement of the World Trade Organization, assesing business operations performance, practices, government measures and public institutions. Our specialists gather more than 20 years of experience in international trade disciplines playing key roles in the private practice, trade policy and regulatory making, as well as national and international universities teaching. We are passionate of critical and strategic thinking, rigorous analysis and responsibility in the provision of services to our customers.

The word "facilitate" means making simpler or more simple, and this is precisely the objective of trade facilitation - making processes and procedures of international trade as simple and efficient as possible for traders, authorities and governments.
Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Commerce of the United Nations

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