Instituto de
Facilitación del Comercio

IFCOM is an independent private organization engaged in promoting facilitation of trade through research, analysis and training. Foreign trade proceedings need to be efficient and oriented to reducing cost, easing the internationalization of companies, to boost the country´s competitiveness and growth.

For IFCOM trade facilitation measures improve regulations, contributing with critical approaches towards rationale behind permits or certificates to do businesses, by seeking proportionality with public interest, based on evidence.

We foster paperless trade and cutting-edge technological tools, training those human resources from regulatory bodies who must primarily perform value added activities, focusing in ex post controls and risk criteria as drivers to save time. We seek harmonization with international best practices, standardizing processes which allow a efficient trade integration.

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The word "facilitate" means making simpler or more simple, and this is precisely the objective of trade facilitation - making processes and procedures of international trade as simple and efficient as possible for traders, authorities and governments.
Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Commerce of the United Nations

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IFCOM - Instituto de Facilitación del Comercio